Our Story

Becoming parents made us both aware of chemicals and toxins used in many disinfectants, sunscreens, repellents, soaps, lotions and cleaners. This was magnified a hundredfold during the pandemic leading to a search for natural alternatives for the home and our families.

At SprayWell, we're all about using the good things from horseradish and cinnamon to make your home super clean and healthy. Our innovative Spraywell Home Spray contains natural ingredients that fight germs, bad smells, and even viruses like the flu and coronavirus for a whole month!

People around the world have known about horseradish and cinnamon helping with health for a really long time. And now, we've got science to back it up!

- Jimmy & Kelvin, Co-Founders

How it Works

ASTME 1052 Antiviral testing using TGA and Internationally accepted human surrogate for COVID-19 virus has shown Spraywell neutralises 99% of surface and 77% of airborne viruses and eradicates 99.9% of bacteria, mould, fungus and odours.

Ongoing effectiveness testing shows efficacy lasts for more than 4 weeks.