Spraywell x Mooma Mooni

The collaboration between Spraywell and Mooma Mooni Village was a match made for nature lover. We recognized the importance of the Village's values and sought to create a product that not only enhanced well-being but also aligned with the Village's love for the natural environment.

Together, Spraywell and Mooma Mooni embarked on a journey to develop a special line of natural sprays that would capture the essence of the Mooma Mooni Village. Each spray was carefully crafted to evoke the scents and sensations of the village's flora and fruit, from the delicate fragrance of wildflowers to the invigorating aroma of fresh herbs.

The citizens of Mooma Mooni participated in the creation process, sharing their wisdom and knowledge of the local herbs and plants. They became ambassadors for Spraywell, spreading the word about the brand's dedication to sustainability and the preservation of the natural environment.

With every spray of Spraywell's natural products, people around the world were reminded of the beauty of Mooma Mooni and inspired to embrace a more mindful and environmentally conscious way of life.

The all-natural way to protect you and your family.

Spraywell natural outdoor repellent spray is centred on creating an environmentally friendly and skin-safe solution for outdoor enthusiasts and everyday users.

This spray is designed to be fully biodegradable, reducing its environmental impact and aligning with eco-conscious values.

Spraywell’s active ingredient is cinnamon oil and cinnamon oil is a powerful natural fumigant to repel unwanted insects and irritants. Cinnamon oil has anti-inflammatory and antipruritic properties to soothe the skin and relieve irritation.

The need for this product stems from a growing awareness of environmental sustainability and a desire for health-friendly alternatives that are effective without the harsh effects of traditional chemical repellents.

This innovation aims to enhance outdoor experiences while prioritizing both ecological integrity and personal well-being.

About Mooma Mooni Village

Once upon a time in Mooma Mooni Village, a story 'grew' with the changing seasons. The citizen cherished their natural surroundings, from the bountiful Mooma Mooni citizen to the vast seas and starry skies in their eyes.

The tale sprouted from spring rain and bubbling sodas, carried by autumn winds and snowy quilts. Even in slumber, the Mooma Mooni citizen dreamed a variety of stories, celebrating their deep connection with nature. This story captured the unity, resilience, and love for the environment that defined Mooma Mooni Village, inspiring all who heard it.

Mooma Mooni Village Citizen

In Mooma Mooni Village, there was a group of resilient citizen.

They had their quirks, these indigenous citizen, with the ever-saying 'no' Nono, the trendsetting Mia, and the logical Village Chief Helo. There was also Comoo, always disappearing without a trace, and Mama, lost in her own thoughts...

The Mooma Mooni Citizen bounced and danced, each growing into a unique individual.
Everyone was free to be their authentic selves, each of them could be what we desired, or perhaps a place our inner selves have never reached. We are like them, yet we are not like them.

  • Mama

    lost in her own thoughts...

  • Mia

    the trendsetter

  • Helo

    logical village leader

  • Comoo

    always disappearing without a trace

  • Nono

    With the ever-saying 'no'