SprayWell Slow Release Technology

SprayWell Slow Release Technology

Our patented slow-release technology encapsulates natural disinfectant oils into micro-sized particles that adhere to surfaces like fabric, metals, wood and plastics. These particles containing all-natural cinnamon and horseradish extracts is safe for human and animal contact.

According to L'Chatelier's Enthalpy Principle, when the temperature fluctuates will continuously release these composite oils onto the surface and into the airborne vicinity resulting in an always-on protective coating. The antimicrobial and fumigant efficacy has been shown to last over 28 days.

SprayWell's Formula

SprayWell's formula is an over-the-counter, all-natural topical solution using patented slow-release technology to engineer a surface coating that effectively neutralises bacteria and viruses including COVID-19 with lasting benefits.

SprayWell uses patented slow-release technology to create nano-sized particles containing disinfectant oils.

Using L'Chatelier's Principle, temperature change causes disinfectant oils in these particles to be continuously released effectively for more than 4 weeks, to kill and continue killing microorganisms, viruses, and bacteria and deodorising the surrounding air and surface.

ASTME 1052 Antiviral testing using TGA and Internationally accepted human surrogate for COVID-19 virus has shown SprayWell kills 99% of surface and 77% of airborne viruses, eradicates 99.9% of bacteria, mould, fungus and odours. Ongoing effectiveness testing shows efficacy lasts for more than 4 weeks.

SprayWell's formula: Uses and endless application

SprayWell can be applied as a spray on to fabric including jackets, jumpers, school uniforms, work wear, curtains and sofas.

SprayWell can be used in industrial commercial fogger spray for coverage of ceiling, walls and fixtures without altering or affecting surfaces.